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Aircraft: 231412

Mark Brown photo retouched courtesy of Nathan Howland

Mark Brown photo retouched courtesy of Nathan Howland

NAMES: Mason and Dixon



Mason and Dixon


1943-10-27   Accepted into inventory
1943-10-31  Cheyenne
1943-11-12  Grand Island
1943-11-19  Long Beach
1943-11-26  Assigned to UK
0000-00-00  Gained by 100th BG, 351st BS, EP-G, flying 85 missions. Transferred to 34th BG, Mendelsham. Never flew missions with 34th BG.
1945-06-30   Returned Zone of the Interior Bradley
1945-07-01   Greensboro
1945-07-02   Tinker
1945-10-21  South Plains
1945-12-19  Kingman, Arizona
1945-12-19  Kingman, Arizona

Pilot Info

Crew: N/A

Related Info: : N/A, N/A


    A/C  flew 85missions

Aircraft was transferred to 34th BG at Mendelsham.  
42-31412 Mason and Dixon No missions with 34BG (combat was with the 100th BG)


June 30, 1945 Returned to US: Bradley

Flown to the US by the Couse crew #27-34. See Microfilm reel B0115, p. 1528.

Couse, Conway M.              1Lt          O-833713                Pilot                        1091

McLaughlin, Richard M.     1Lt          O-834555                Co-Pilot                  1091

Ingle, James W.                    1Lt          O-1171083              Nav                         1034

Ranck, Merton J.                  T/Sgt      37566245                Radio Op               757

Hansen, Milton                    T/Sgt      16009430                Engr                        748

Sauermilch, Frederick          M/Sgt     39083995                Crew Chief             750

Bennett, John E.                   S/Sgt      39121596                Gunner                   612

Ragan, Glen T.                      S/Sgt      35228596                Gunner                   611

Shack, George                       S/Sgt      33284064                Gunner                   611

Sackrison, Charles G.           T/Sgt      17124754                Gunner                   612

Muellenbach, John L.          M/Sgt     36327717                Passenger              750

Rotelli, Joseph J.                  M/Sgt     13038167                Passenger              750

Gardner, Jesse L.                  Sgt          37218478                Passenger              747

Simoneaux, Lloyd J.             Pfc          38059175                Passenger              747

Martini, Angleo, J.               Pfc          33622147                Passenger              747

Green, Howard L.                 S/Sgt      38346155                Passenger              611

Patterson, Raymond W.      Cpl          13167678                Passenger              911

Satterwhite, Minor S.           Cpl          6248134                  Passenger              969

Saulnier, Ernest A.               S/Sgt      11052465                Passenger              678

Slade, Henry F.                     S/Sgt      34331040                Passenger              911


July 1, 1945 to Greenboro

July 2, 1945 to Tinker

October 21, 1945 to 4168 BU South Plains

December 19, 1945 to RFC Kingman.	


 "MASON and DIXON"  caption is wrong, 100th never hit Ploesti Oil Fields The Milton E. Neer Collection. 

 "MASON AND DIXON", ground crew not identified. (100th Photo Archives) 

 Sidney C. Johnson crew. Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

 Harry E. Menter, TTE on the Sidney Johnson crew. (Photo courtesy of Marilu Gordon, niece of Harry Menter.) 

 "MASON AND DIXON" 351st aircraft (100th Photo Archives) 

 MASON AND DIXON, A/C 231412 EP-G. (Photo courtesy of Earl Rudolph) 

Mason and Dixon taxing 

Mason and Dixon 231412. on Hardstand with Ground Crew.  Courtesy of Eileen Potts. 

Mason and Dixon on Hardstand

Mason & Dixon

Mason and Dixon 

Mason and Dixon (from the collection of John Schwarz)

Mason and Dixon ground crew personnel (from the collection of James Potts)

Mason and Dixon ground crew personnel (from the collection of James Potts)

 The 351st Lead Crew of Lt Helmick in April, 1944 - The ground crew is also shown. The Crew Chief, Joe Picard is fourth from left standing. (100th Photo Archives) 

Mason and Dixon, jacket of Charles M. Beck of the Sidney C. Johnson crew.

Robert Patterson on Joe Picard Ground Crew of Mason and Dixon when he went off flying status. Photo courtesy of Steve Das Hillbilly Patterson

 Joe Picard, left, 351st Flight Chief with unidentified members of a Ground Crew. (100th Photo Archives) 

 "MASON and DIXON" with her Ground Crew: From left: Biegel, H. Burt,  F. Hansen, and Joe Picard. (100th Photo Archives) 

Jim Potts and Jim Schollard (from the collection of James Potts)