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Aircraft: 231220

"FLETCHER'S CASTORIA II" - 42-31220 from the 350th. This is one of the 100th more famous aircraft.  Photo from the Steve Birdsall Collection in Australia

NAMES: Fletcher's Castoria II



Fletcher's Castoria II --- "Gloria E" may be associated with this aircraft and is located near the pilot's window. "Semolian Babe Jo" may also be associated with this aircraft and is located near the tail gunner's position. See also 239791


1943-09-29   Accepted into inventory
1943-10-04  Denver
1943-10-16  Grand Island
1943-10-21  Wilmington
1943-11-04  Assigned to UK
1943-12-20  REM
1943-12-30   RES
1945-04-27   Returned Zone of the Interior - Rome
1945-10-02   Salvaged
1945-10-02  Salvaged

Pilot Info

Crew: N/A

Related Info: : N/A, N/A


    See also 239791	


Fletchers Castoria II  231220 LN-P

"FLETCHER'S CASTORIA II" rests on her 350th hard stand at Thorpe Abbotts 42-31220 LN-P  (100th Photo Archives)

"FLETCHER'S CASTORIA II" ground crew and their mascot, center. 
Back row Left-Right:  T. Buchanan. L.R. Darneille, V. Pacek, M, Martinson, 
Front row Left-Right:  R.V. Churchill and P. Conley.  
I believe V. Pacek's nickname was Pay Check... Larry Darneille (Son of LR Darneille)

"FLETCHER'S CASTORIA A/C 42-31220  This plane may have flown 100+ missions.

 "FLETCHERS CASTORIA II" 350th aircraft (100th Photo Archives) 

 "FLETCHERS CASTORIA II" 350th aircraft (100th Photo Archives) 

FLETCHER'S CASTORIA II on Hardstand.Photo courtesy of Larry Darneille.  

FLETCHER'S CASTORIA II Nose art and mission markers. Photo courtesy of Larry Darneille.

Fletcher's Castoria II on Hardstand getting Engine Maintenance.  Photo courtesy of Larry Darneille

Fletcher's Castoria II Engine Change. B. Brindle, L. Fallman, O. Matthews. Photo courtesy of Larry Darneille

Contrary to our previous ID, this is not William Fletcher in the left hand seat but Sgt Darneille from the Ground Crew doing preflight check on "FLETCHER'S CASTORIA II" 231220.  Of interest if the name Gloria under the window - she was his girl friend when he went overseas. There he was smitten by the beautiful Elsie Stally - they were married July 11, 1945 and remain so over a half century later   (100th Photo Archives)

"Fletcher's Castoria"
Sir Charles Gutekunst
Robert A. Wegrzynek

A-2 jacket Fletcher's Castoria. Jacket of Lt. William H. Fletcher

Photo taken on Hardstand 46 looking across at Hardstand 48.  A/C on HS 48 are  238191, LD-W, and Silver Dollar LD-R.  Looks like Fletcher's Castoria II taxing and a C-47 on Hardstand 49.   Looking closely at the photo you can see another a/c taxing and one that has just landed rolling down the runway.  Photo courtesy of Eileen Potts Smith 

Robert Wegrzynek & Chuck Gutekuntz in front of Fletchers Castoriav