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Aircraft: 48782

Hardstand 45, hut at back 418th engineering, to the right is hardstand 47 back against the trees with long entrance road. Ron Batley 
Jack O’Leary: “that aircraft arrived at TA in late May 1945  was assigned to the DOYLE Crew, Pathfinder a/c  replaced  # 166 "YO YO BUDDY" on HS # 45....Aircraft is 44-8782  LD-H   Ended up at Walnut Ridge Arkansas in January 1946................................, Phil Samponaro, Phil I've seen some comments that this a/c went from Hunter Field in Jan 1945 to Dow and the 95th BG in Late January 1945...I see from the 95th BG records  she flew a number of Combat Missions there. 

48782 R  PFF with the 95th BG, 412 BS Courtesy of 95th BG Phil Samponaro. 

NAMES: Unnamed Aircraft PFF



No notes on this aircraft


1944-12-25   Cheyenne
1944-12-26  Accepted into Inventory
1945-01-05  Hunter
1945-01-21  Dow
1945-01-31  Assigned to UK
1945-02-25  First Operational Sortie (95 BG, 412 BS QW-R)
1945-05-20   Transferred to 100th BG, 418 BS LD-H from (95 BG, 412 BS QW-R)
1946-01-07   Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
1946-01-07  Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

Pilot Info

Crew: N/A

Related Info: : N/A, N/A


    Operational Missions with 95th BG (courtesy of Phil Samponaro) 

The A/C’s operational history.

	25 Dec 44	Cheyenne
	26 Dec 44	Accepted into USAAF Inventory
	5 Jan 45	        Hunter
	21 Jan 45	Dow
	23 Jan 45	Gained by 95BG
	31 Jan 45	Assigned to UK
	25 Feb 45	First Operational Sortie
	25 Feb 45	D. Abwender	B 1	P
	26 Feb 45	D. L. Pearson	C 1	P
	1 Mar 45	L. W. Jensen	B 1	P
	4 Mar 45	D. Abwender	B 1	P
	12 Mar 45	D. L. Pearson	A 2	P
	17 Mar 45	J. W. Gillen	B 1	P
	19 Mar 45	W. J. Hamilton	A 1	P
	20 Mar 45	A. L. Tessier	A 2	P
	21 Mar 45	A. L. Tessier	C 1	A
	23 Mar 45	A. L. Tessier	D 1	P
	24 Mar 45	E. R. Parrish	D 1	P
	28 Mar 45	E. R. Parrish	D 1	P
	3 Apr 45	       L. W. Jensen	C 1	P
	6 Apr 45	       J. G. Wilson	A 1	P
	10 Apr 45	B. C. Seaburg	C 1	P
	18 Apr 45	(FNU) Trobovich	C 1	P
	20 Apr 45	D. D. Schulz	B 1	P
	1 May 45	(FNU) Hendricks	D 1	P
	3 May 45	D. D. Schulz	D 1	P
	6 May 45	B. C. Seaburg	A 1	P
	7 May 45	R. C. Newman	A 1	P
	10 May 45	C. D. Crawford	C 8	P
	16 May 45	(FNU) Hendricks	D 1	P
	19 May 45	R. H. Moehring	A 8	P
	20 May 45	Gained by 100BG
	25 May 45	R. H. Moehring	C 6	P
	7 Jan 46	       Walnut Ridge, Arkansas	


48782 R  PFF flying with 95th BG 412th BS.  Photo courtesy of 95th BG website Phil Samponaro.