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Aircraft: 23508

 "BASTARD'S BUNGALOW II " (42-3508) (100th Photo Archives) 

23508 LD-P Jersey Lily & BASTARD'S BUNGALOW II " on hardstand. Jim Potts Collection 

NAMES: Jersey Lily
Bastard's Bungalow II



Aircraft names: Jersey Lily, Bastard's Bungalow II


1943-07-13   Denver
1943-07-14  Accepted into inventory
1943-08-15  Scott
1943-08-24  Assigned to UK
1943-11-05  REM
1943-11-19  REM
1943-11-30   REM
1944-03-06   Battle Damage over Berlin-Lt Ferbrache Crew
1944-03-18   FTR-Fighers, Crash Landed Ulm, Germany
1944-03-18  FTR - Fighters Crash landed Ulm, Germany

Pilot Info

Crew: 10 POW

Related Info: : HORN, ROBERT J


    “In detail: on March 18th, 1944 a B 17 had problems with one of his engines. The machine left his formation and became target of three German fighter aircrafts (Messerschmitt Me 109). They obviously forced the B 17-pilot to bring down his machine north of Ulm. The aircraft touched down without extended undercarriage. The uninjured crew were captured by members of the nearby Luftwaffen-airbase Dornstadt. Commander was lieutenant Robert J. Horn. The other names and the staying of the persons is unknown. Bad luck had the three German pilots. Obviously inadequate trained, they had problems in bringing down their aircrafts on Dornstadt airbase. One pilot died, another was severely wounded. The B 17 was salvaged, repaired, got new paint and nation emblem of Luftwaffe. Some times later it started with unknown destination.”

1) American boing b-17 emergency landing at the airfield Ulm guarded by Mr. Eberle and Mr. Neidlinger - March 18, 1944
Orignially a B-17F production model but was configured as a G model.	


 Bastards Bungalow II  23508 came to rest beside a German Airfield at Darmstadt near Ulm. Horn crew information 

 A/C which flew as Jersey Lily and Bastard's Bungalow. As Bastard's Bungalow the a/c received battle damage on 6 Mar 44 with the Elmer E. Ferbache crew, and was shot down on 18 Mar 44 with the Robert J. Horn crew. Ferbache crew information Horn crew information 

"An Me-109 and a FW-190 joined our lonely B-17, one fighter off each wing. Those pilots gave Horn a "Thumbs down" signal and pointed to a snow-covered field below to indicate where Horn should land. With no alternative, Lt Horn complied and made a smooth wheels-up landing in the snow. The two fighters circled above, then the FW-190 departed the area while the Me-109 lowered his wheels and landed near our a/c, but his landing gear bogged down in the 6" snow and his a/c flipped tail-over-nose. Farm workers held us at bay with guns and pitchforks as we exited the a/c and prevented our dash into the nearby woods to hopefully evade capture as the Me-109 pilot jumped from this over turned a/c, seemingly uninjured, and ran towards us. Soon afterwards some armed Luftwaffe troops arrived on foot, and Horn and our crew were marched off as prisoners to a nearby building. There we were loaded into a truck and driven to the Ulm city jail for a couple of days before being transported to Dulag Luft at Frankfurt em Main"

"We crash-landed near Ulm, with Lt Horn making a super smooth dead-stick, wheels up landing in a snow covered field which we thought was a farmers backyard. As we climbed out of the airplane, we were "greeted" by the very irate farm workers armed with pitchforks and pistols. They held us captive for fifteen to twenty minutes until a half-dozen German military men took control and moved us to the town jail. "

"In 1994 Lt Charles Conner returned to Europe and visited the crash site of #508 "Bastard's Bungalow II" in Ulm. According to the MACR, the crew made and emergency landing at Dormstadt and was captured. It seems there was an Airbase at Dormstadt during the war and it had been converted into an old folks home. Upon explaining his mission to the Home's Administrator, she gave Lt Conner and his German friend (a retired NATO pilot from Germany) permission to walk the grounds. We soon found ourselves at the edge of a grassy field with a wooded area some 100 yards of so off to one side, which matched our crews’ mental recollection of our crash site. The retired NATO pilot said that most German wartime fighter bases had grass landing strips and said that because of the very hilly terrain surrounding this former base, that open field was the only flat place large enough to safely land an a/c the size of a B-17 without causing injury to its crew. He also said that the men who aimed their guns at us as we exited our plane were most likely from Germany's Home Guard in charge of farm laborers. Lt Conner and the rest of Lt Horn's crew are now convinced that their crash landing was not in a farmer's backyard as they originally thought but at the edge of what was Dornstadt Air Field. "

Could Bastard's Bungalow II 508 been repaired and used by Luftwaffe for clandestine mission? 

did KG 200 repair Bastard's Bungalow II and use it for Clandestine purposes? Still not confirmed.   

Gabby Gabreski "buzz" job of Thorpe Abbotts.  That is 25863 LD-V Paddlefoot's Proxy.   Photo courtesy of Donald "Duck" Bradley/Laurence Bradley.

Lt William Green Crew - Standing L-R: Jack Jensen, Jack Hamilton, John Joyce, Bill Green; Kneeling L-R: Sanford Tisdale, Richard Anderegg, Roman Biran, Robert Valentick, Harry Waskewicz, and Leroy Leist Detailed Information (100th Photo Archives) 

Courtesy of Sara Kay

Courtesy of Sara Kay