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Aircraft: 23413

 A/C 23413: HARD LUCK AND A/C 2102657: BOSS LADY (Photo courtesy of Ernie Havecker and his family: Eileen Rosenthal and Jodi Womack.) 

NAMES: Hard Luck!



Hard Luck!


1943-06-08   Accepted into inventory
1943-06-10  Dallas
1943-08-18  Dow
1943-08-19  Assigned to UK
1943-09-23  REO - ball turret gunner unconscious
1943-11-30  REM
1943-12-11   RES
1943-12-13   RES
1944-05-07   RFO - Berlin Lt. Loren G. VanSteenis (P) - 1KIA, 8
1944-08-14  FTR - Flak - Falkengesass, Germany
1944-08-14  FTR - Flak - Falkengesass, Germany

Pilot Info

Crew: 9 POW





Hard Luck A-2 belonging to Michael Faley.

Top: L-R- Amos Hill, J. Whitton, G. M. Myers,and Leonard Muszynski. Standing on Wing: UNK, UNK.   Part of the 'HARD LUCK" ground crew. (100th Photo Archives) 

 "HARD LUCK" Ground Crew: From left; G. M. Myers, Amos Hill, P.SOKOSLKY and Leonard Muszynski. (100th Photo Archives) 

 Amos Hill - "HARD LUCK" Ground Crew. (100th Photo Archives) 

 "HARD LUCK" and her Ground Crew. (100th Photo Archives) 

 "HARD LUCK" Milton E. Neer Collection 

Hard Luck 413

Ground Crew of Hard Luck. (Courtesy of Fold3)

(Courtesy of Fold3)

Subject: B-17F-55-DO "Hard Luck!" 42-3413 LN-V, 100th BG 350th BS
Modeler: Jaroslav Král
Kit: Revell B-17F
Scale: 1/48
Accessories: Spare parts from B-17G mainly for nose modification, waist gunner windows and top turret. Vinyl panels and frames. Self made masks and decals.
Model Facts:  This model features a lot of custom work, including riveting and specific nose and turret configurations of 100th BG veteran Hard Luck!  The model now resides in a Czech museum commemorating the Air Battle over the Ore Mountains, which prominently featured the planes of the 100th BG.

Hard Luck on Hardstand. LN-V. 

Hard Luck! Photo from 100th BG Archives. 

Ron Leigh painting of Hard Luck, entitled "Guiding Light"  beautiful job!!!!

Hard Luck 23413 LN-V  Courtesy of Grandson James Fred

LN-V Hard Luck ! Courtesy of Grandson James Fred

 G.M. Zip Myers - Ground Crew of "HARD LUCK" - 350th. (100th Photo Archives) 

Pete Sokoslky with "Hard Luck"

S/Sgt Coleman F. Sartoris, mechanic on Hard Luck, 350th BS. Photo courtesy of Jack Sartoris.

The VanSteenis Crew 13 - Flight and Ground Crew - 1944 (left to right)

Standing: M/Sgt Glenn Meyers (Crew Chief), S/Sgt Peter Sokolosky (Mechanic), S/Sgt Jim Yarnall (Armorer - Flight Crew), S/Sgt Joseph Clouther (WG), S/Sgt Walter Schneider (Armorer and TG), S/Sgt Edward Butchino (Asst. Flight Engineer), Sgt. Amos Hill (Mechanic), Sgt Leonard Mozinski (Mechanic)
Kneeling: S/Sgt Robert Goodman (Asst. ROG and BTG), T/Sgt Archie K. Holladay (Flight Engineer), Lt. Jack Ogg (Co-Pilot), Capt. Loren C. Van Steenis (Pilot), Lt. Harold Becker (Navigator),
Capt Lester Torbett (BOM), T/Sgt Earl V. Benham (ROG)
S/Sgt Joe Couthier was added to the crew to replace Jim Yarnall who was wounded and grounded

Hard Luck 413 late in July 1944 (Courtesy of the Elder Family)

Hard Luck, Jacket of Earl Benham, ROG on the Loren C. Van Steenis crew.

 The John S. Giles crew with Hard Luck! Giles crew information (100th Photo Archives) 

 The John S. Giles crew with Hard Luck and Hard Luck's ground crew. Note the mission markers on Hard Luck. This is probably one of the last photos of this A/C before it was lost on August 14, 1944, with the Donald Cielewich crew. Plane had 47 mission markers at this point. Giles crew information Cielewich crew information (100th Photo Archives) 

James "Shorty" Fitton and  EK Moffly congratulating each other after completion of 25th Mission in Hard Luck.  Courtesy of John Luckadoo and Matt Mabe.