100th Bomb Group Reunions
A few 100th BG people. Main Reunions
The 100th Bomb Group Foundation meets in reunion every two years. The Foundation has been holding these "main reunions" for many years, but, unfortunately, we do not have many photos for the reunions that were held prior to 2001. In contrast to many other bomb groups who no longer have reunions, the 100th is alive and well. Over 700 members attended the 1999 reunion in Cincinnati, and over 500 attended the 2001 reunion in Omaha. About 500 veterans and their families attended the 2003 reunion in Houston and the 2005 reunion in Pittsburgh.

Mini Reunions
 In addition to the main reunions, the Foundation holds "mini-reunions" in the off-years between the main events.

Special Events
100th people also come together in a variety of "other events" which are not reunions in the strictest sense of the word, but are functions which, nonetheless, bring the veterans together, usually in smaller groups than attend the main and mini reunions.