King, Hovde, and Roane

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100th BG Photo Archives

Richard C. King center, flanked here by Edward H. Hovde on Kings right and the Legendary 100th Pilot Owen D. Cowboy Roane to his left. Here Roane is the co-pilot on the King crew before being assigned his own crew. It was Roane’s fate to be an eyewitness to the loss of King at Paris 3 Sep 1943. Doubtless a sad moment for the Cowboy. It was King who gave Roane the name Cowboy. Upon meeting Roane he had asked him what he did in civilian life, Roane, a Texas cowboy for real, simply said, “I was a cowboy.” King, somewhat amused, never called Roane anything but Cowboy. Soon all the 100th adopted the name -- Roane is forever known as “The Cowboy” to all 100th veterans