2nd Lt. Charles D. Walts

A Pilot's Memories

Charles D. Walts Crew (left to right)

Back Row: Bill Higginbotham (POW) Tail Gunner; Travis Brumbeau (POW) Radio Operator;
Frank Fetherston (KIA) Left Waist Gunner; Clyde Walker (KIA) Engineer & Top Turret;
Henry Gratzfeld (KIA) Ball Turret; Thomas Murphy (POW) Right Waist.

Front Row: Charles D. Walts (POW) Pilot; Richard Cooper Dodson (KIA) Bombardier;
Louis H. Oss (POW) Navigator; Jerome H Wallace (KIA) Co-Pilot

According to Charles Walts: “Our B17 was the ‘Invadin Maiden’. This picture was made in Grand Island, Nebraska in August 1943 before leaving for England.” Photo courtesy of Mrs. Thelma Walts (November 2006)

2nd Lt. Charles D. Walts P POW 10-Oct-43 Munster
2nd Lt. Jerome H. Wallace CP KIA 10-Oct-43 Munster
2nd Lt. Louis H. Oss NAV POW 10-Oct-43 Munster
2nd Lt. Richard C. Dodson BOM KIA 10-Oct-43 Munster
T/Sgt Travis L. Brumbeau ROG POW 10-Oct-43 Munster
S/Sgt Clyde M. Walker TTE KIA 10-Oct-43 Munster
Sgt Herny A. Gratzfeld BTG KIA 10-Oct-43 Munster
S/Sgt Thomas F. Murphy WG POW 10-Oct-43 Munster
Sgt Frank E. Fetherston WG KIA 10-Oct-43 Munster
Sgt William O. Higginbotham TG POW 10-Oct-43 Munster

350th Sqdn. This was the fourth mission for the crew.

Sgt. Walker may have died of wounds in hospital or POW camp.

"Lt Oss climbed out nose of plane (it had broken in half) after it had come out of spin over target at 1500 ft. Sgts. Higginbotham & Murphy bailed out before it went into the spin. Sgt. Brumbeau believes he was thrown from plane when it broke in two. Sgt. Murphy wounded by burst of 20mm just as he and Fetherston were about to jump. Fetherston probably killed by this burst. Oss recalled seeing Lt. Dodson lying in nose of plane and believed him dead or mortally wounded."

As Walts was crawling to the escape hatch he had to crawl over Lt Wallace and noticed that blood covered his face.