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Akers2.jpg (80124 bytes)

Lt. Robert T. Akers - 349th Pilot
Alkire.jpg (23234 bytes) Col. Darr H. Alkire - First Commanding Officer of the 100th
Alshous1.jpg (48028 bytes) T. J. Don and Bruce Alshouse - Gravesite of Wm. (Bill) Grier - Cambridge
Alshous2.jpg (48799 bytes) Bruce E. Alshouse - "Flak Leave" - Bournmouth, England
Alshous3.jpg (62883 bytes) Don and Alshouse with Commander Bradford, Royal Navy. The Commander rescued Alshouse and Don from the North Sea.
Alshous6.jpg (44347 bytes) Bruce Alshouse, two unidentified English girls, and Mike Gillen on “Flak Leave” at Bournmouth, Eng.
Alshous7.jpg (35021 bytes) Shirly & Bruce Alshouse, Commander and Mrs Bradford, T. T. & Kay Don at Thorpe Abbotts in 1988
Armanini.jpg (34620 bytes)

Joseph P. Armanini, Original 100th  -- NAV from the Barr Crew.  Known throughout the 100th as “Big Joe.” --One of a very few of the “Original 100th” crewmen to complete a tour.   (All members who went overseas with the Group are referred to as “Original 100th” – not a great number survived the war.)

Bankstn1.jpg (25917 bytes) Gene and Joe Bankston in 1945.  Gene was President of the 100th Bomb Group Association in the 90’s.
Barker.jpg (48118 bytes) Alvin L. Barker – 351st Operations Officer – KIA Bremen, 8 Oct 1943

Barnum.jpg (56366 bytes)

H.F. Barnum – BTG, sometimes ROG, with the Robert L. Hughes crew.
Barr2.jpg (35573 bytes) The 100th legendary Sam L. “Sammy” Barr.  Original 100th and one of the 100th best known airmen, Barr flew 50 missions and was the 349th Commander Officer at two different times during his tours.
Barr3.jpg (20264 bytes) Sammy Barr in the pilot’s seat of TORCHY.  This 100th aircraft was named for James “Jim” Brown’s beautiful wife, who had flaming red hair.  Brown was the first historian of the 100th and his work is the foundation for all 100th history.
Barr4.jpg (36468 bytes)

Standing from left: William Olh, James Hiten, John M. Bennet(Air Exec), John P. Doughtery, Max Russ and Robert E. Cliff. -- Kneeling from left:  Howard D. Bassett, Joseph “Big Joe” Armanini, and “Sammy Barr”.

Barr5.jpg (32554 bytes) Excellent picture of Sam L. “Sammy” Barr receiving the Croix de Guerre.  Here a Lt. Col and near the end of his second combat tour.  The 100th was deeply saddened to see Sammy on the Taps list in 1988.

Beck.jpg (47753 bytes)

Charles M. Beck – 351st ROG.  Charlie was a member of the Board of Directors for  many years before his death. Beck remained in the communication field after his service with the 100th. He was with Rockwall International for many years and developed many military projects for Rockwall. This highly esteemed airman was the first to introduce the 100th to computers, primarily membership databases.
Beck2.jpg (80539 bytes) This USAAF photo most probably was taken in the States for distribution to home town newspapers.
Beck4.jpg (32217 bytes) Charlie Beck and Cowboy Roane photographed in 1995 at the West Ranch in Texas.
Beck6.jpg (38214 bytes) Charles M. Beck at the completion of his tour in March of 1945.
BEER.jpg (31450 bytes) Col Harry Cruver, Commanding Officer of the 351st and his NCO’s at a beer party. Dewy Christopher is at far left The 351st First Sergeant is on Cruver’s right.
Benett_d.jpg (17614 bytes) Dorsy Bennett – 351st TTE
Benham3.jpg (36194 bytes) From left:  Earl V. Benham, Edward C. “Butch” Butchino, and Archie K. Holladay.
Bennett.jpg (48899 bytes) From left; John M. Bennett and Neal B. Harding. Col Harding is the 100th first combat Group Commander. Harding let the 100th in early days before fighter escort was available. Of all the fine 100th Commanders none are held in higher esteem than “Chick” Harding.
Bennett2.jpg (31749 bytes) John Bennett, left, and Ollen Turner watch a mission takeoff from the Tower catwalk at Thorpe Abbotts.
Bergman.jpg (45148 bytes) Woodrow W. Bergman – 349th Ground Crew
Bergman2.jpg (34580 bytes) W.W. Bergman and Hodelka (first name unk) inspect a badly damaged 100th  aircraft.
Bergman4.jpg (60851 bytes)

Stanley Bagget, left, and Bergman in the 349th Squadron area.

Bernberg.jpg (34511 bytes) Members of the Medical Staff.
Biggs.jpg (35633 bytes) James A. Biggs, 1st/Sgt of the 418th. Biggs was trained on the base in navigation and became one of only three enlisted NAVs in the Group. Flew 35 missions with the 100th
Biggs2.jpg (40841 bytes) James A. Biggs 418th NAV.  This is his “escape photo.”  Every airman carried one in the hopes he could use it for an identity card.  German interrogators often joked about the popularity of tweed coats and stripped tie.