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From left: Gerry Hamilton, Margaret Ann Blakely and Jean Crosby.

After emerging from the depths of the great depression, America found itself thrust into war on December 7th, 1941. As America's young men marched off to war, America's factories began the shift from making washing machines and cars to ships, aircraft, bullets and tanks.

As the battles in Europe and the Pacific raged, a different battle was waged on the homefront.  Often one of loneliness and fear for those overseas, it gave birth to a new kind of American woman, the Rosie the Riveter, who marched into the shipyards and aircraft factories to help with the war effort.  This new woman learned to conquer her fears for her absent husband and do what she could to shorten the war and bring him back home again.

Young wives weren't the only ones affected, of course. Fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles all prayed for their sons' return, crowding around the radio at night to hear the latest news, often days or weeks old, from the War Department.

Food rationing, re-tread tires, spray-on stockings and victory gardens all became a new part of the American lexicon.  Families hung flags in the windows with a star for each son or husband in the service.  At the loss of each serviceman, the star became gold, and "Gold Star" mothers also became numerous.

It is our hope that this section will honor the hometown heroes of WWII, the ones who were left behind to worry and pray and keep the home fires burning.  It will include stories and photos, so please sit back, kick off your shoes, put on some Glenn Miller, and enjoy stepping back in time.



Gerry Hamilton's husband, Howard "Hambone" Hamilton became a POW on the 10 OCT 43 Munster mission.
Margaret Ann Blakely's husband, Ev, was a 418th original pilot, who later became the C.O. of the 418th SQDN.
Jean Crosby's husband, Harry, was a 418th navigator, who later became a much beloved Group Navigator .
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