History Summary
History pages are in no particular order. They were added to the menu in the order they were received. Most history pages will open in new windows. Some, however, open in their own sub-sections.
History Sub-Sections (open in individual sections)
Capt. Robert L. Hughes History Horace L. Varian History
"Cowboy" Roane History Charles E. (Chuck) Harris History
Bowman Diary Thomas S. Jeffrey's Photo Album
Clark Dickerman Album Ken Shrewsbury Album
William Riley Wilson Album Leon Schwartz History
Lt. Bill Lewis Comes Home Neil B. "Chick" Harding
Escape & Evasion Harry H. Crosby
History Pages (open in new windows)
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Kenneth Newkirk Letters  
G. Duane Vieth History John A. Miller
Earl Rudolph1943-44 Diaries Earl Rudolph1944 Diary
Earl Rudolph 1943 Diary Saul Levitt Yank Article
David Rolnick History Missing in Germany
William Stoelzel Mission Notes William Couch History
Joseph Adams-350th HQ Dixie's Delight, Part Two
Dickie Kendall History Dixie's Delight, Part Four
T/Sgt Richard F. Brady Diary Dutch Article on Salvo Sal
Dixie's Delight, Part One C  Walts: A Pilot's Memories
Dixie's Delight, Part Three Bill Kennedy Memories
Dixie's Delight, Part Five Robert Kazee's Diary
Missions of Don Rohlfs "Rosie" Rosenthal Medals
"Rosie" Rosenthal (1917-2007) James Wright Diary
Koblenz - 2 Dec 44 Berlin Crews 6 Mar 44
Battle Star Award - Normandy Cpl Blenz Radar Counter Measures
Bianchi War Experiences Wofford Crew by Joe Urice
Helstrom to Crosby Donald A. Becker Diary
1141st Quartermaster Log Robert Rosenthal Honored
Report to 8th Air Force Museum Airman's Account 18 Mar 44
Bowman Diary The Bombers by Sarah Churchill
Pacific POW J. E. Ferroggiaro Data
Paris Mission - 3 Sep 44 Piccadilly Lily
Letter to Ron Leigh C.E. Wilson - 21 Missions
Christmas in a POW camp. Second Schweinfurt - 14 Oct 44
Eisenhower'sD-Day Address DFC Awards
History of FEVER BEAVER Laden Maiden
John B. Kidd - About the UN Bob Wolff's Story
Marie Flood to Rosa Hunter 100th Aircraft Lost in Action
Luckiest Man Alive Soden at Ruhland - 11 Sep 44
C. E. Wilson - Tail Gunner's Tale Jack Kidd - World War II
All Saint's Church Valesh Memo From Carlton
War Brides Raynor and Stanford Letter
B17 - Crew Number 13 Carl Thorkelson Flight Crew
Harold Wildrick Obituary View From The Tail
B17 Collision Over the North Sea Lazzari Crew History
Blitz Week by "Cowboy" Roane Undocumented WW2 Statistics
Attacked Over The North Sea The Liberation of Moosburg
Excerpts From Behind the Wire Ed Wolf Crew Diary
B-17 Serial Numbers Story of Sgt. Robert Goodman
North Sea Catch - Bradford Bill Ohl's Battle Log
Original 100th 100th BG - Aircraft Markings
Brown's Clowns by Bud Vieth Bloody Hundredth
Crew #13 - by Earl Benham Days Not Forgotten
"Cowboy" Roane to John Justice Atlantic Free Press Article
Bob Beatson and Harry Cruver Group Commanders
Donald A. Jones Crew 100th BG - Reference Guide
Donald J. Farley - Crew History 100th BG Internee Report
Fred Daiger - 1994 Tour Original 100th Group Navigators
History of the Valesh Crew T/Sgt Robert Black - POW
Frank "Big Frank" Valesh History Piggy Back - Paul Zak
Fletcher's Castoria Outside Looking In
The Best Plane in the War Satcha Lass
The Bremen Mission Henry Henington's Story
2nd Lt. Tony Pecyk's Diary T/Sgt Horace Barnum - Missions
USAAF B-17 Dispositions A Young Boy and the Good War
Crash of Fletcher's Castoria "Fools Rush In"
Missions - Girls - R&R "Butch" Goodwin Missions
"Cowboy" Roane to Charlie Beck Robert E. Fitzgerald - Missions
Elmer F. Hooper in the E.T.O. William B. Kennedy - Memories
First Encounter with the ME-262 Black Week - Bremen
Breeding Dragonflies Black Week - Marienburg
Gerald Kane - Hurri-Kane Black Week - Munster
The "Duke" Gwin Crew Munster Raid by John Justice
S/Sgt Ivan F. Hunter - POW May 24, 1944 Target: BERLIN
Thomas C. Hughes Diary Target: REGENSBURG
"Black Thursday" - 14 Oct 43 Maquis Supply Drop Crew List
"Champ" Champion Crew  Deno Bonucchi Eulogy
A Great Buzz Job USAFA B-17 Memorial
Black Week - Schweinfurt Transfers From RCAF and RAF
March 4, 1944 Berlin Crews Air Battle Over The Netherlands
Target: RUHLAND 2nd Lt. Robert B. Landino
King and I Escape and Evasion
Glenn M. Lashbrook Diary Most Treasured Possession
Bill Carleton to I. L. Hawkins Keith Sprague Mission List
Letters - George A. Browning A Day to Remember  
"How Remarkable" Missions of T/Sgt Glenn Smiley  
C. E. Harris Crew - Missions James H. Smith's Combat Diary
Captured Airmen Harvey W. Dickert - Mission Diary
Ron Leigh to Bill Carleton Emmett P. Schmitt's Diary
Stanley W. Yates to Paul West October 8, 1943: Target Bremen
Brunswick - 15 Mar 44 Art Juhlin Diary
Report by Bernie Lay Houston Reunion 2003
Regensburg Medals John Brown Escape and Evasion
The 100th In Switzerland   ! Regensburg - Shotland Crew
William R. Fogle's Journal Diary of S/Sgt Calvin Dollar
Regensburg Recollections Ode to the Bloody 100th
Al Paul Remembers Munster Mission - Bill DeBlasio
Rowland Hetrick's Diary B-17 Serial Numbers
Presidential Unit Citation 24 Feb 1944
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