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1_01_1.jpg (15240 bytes) 100th on parade at Kearney, Nebraska (100th Photo Archives)
1_01_2.jpg (18484 bytes) 100th on parade at Kearney, Nebraska (100th Photo Archives)
1_02_1.jpg (17635 bytes) 100th on field exercises at Kearney, Nebraska (100th Photo Archives)
1_02_4.jpg (18850 bytes) Field inspection at Kearney, Nebraska (100th Photo Archives)
1_04_1.jpg (27992 bytes) The Flight Surgeons from left: Dr. J. W. Hardy of the 350th, Dr. W. "Smokey" Stover of the 418th, Dr. "Mack" McCarty of the 349th and Dr. E. C. Kinder of the 351st (100th Photo Archives)
1_04_2.jpg (30519 bytes) Dr. J. W. Hardy, 350th Flight Surgeon, standing left - with the members of his medical team. (100th Photo Archives)
1_04_3.jpg (31112 bytes) Dr. E. C. Kinder, 351st Flight Surgeon, standing left - with the member of his medical team. (100th Photo Archives)
1_04_4.jpg (31539 bytes) Dr. "Smokey" Stover, 418th Flight Surgeon, standing left - with the members of his medical team. (100th Photo Archives)
1_05_1.jpg (31985 bytes) Dr. "Mack" McCarty, 349th Flight Surgeon, standing left - with the members of his medical team. (100th Photo Archives)
1_07_1.jpg (27910 bytes) Colonel Dar Alkire the 100th's first Commanding Officer. (100th Photo Archives)
1_07_2.jpg (32150 bytes) Colonel Neil "Chick" Harding the 100th's first combat Commanding Officer. Colonel Harding led the 100th during the "awful period" - 1943 and early 1944. He is held in the highest esteem by all who served with him. (100th Photo Archives)
1_07_3.jpg (23114 bytes) From left: E. L. Johnson, "Red Bowman, John Bennett, and S. A. Clark - This is the Group S-2 Officers. Bennett may have been the Air Exec at the time of this photograph. (100th Photo Archives)
1_09_1.jpg (17605 bytes) Colonel Neil Harding - Group Commanding Officer in his office at Thorpe Abbotts. (100th Photo Archives)
1_09_4.jpg (22436 bytes) Robert Flesher, Deputy Group Commander with a very special friend. (100th Photo Archives)
1_10_1.jpg (24742 bytes) Colonel Neil Harding, Group Commanding Officer, welcome John Bennett to the Group.
1_10_2.jpg (11247 bytes) Capt Robert Peel, early 100th Group Navigator. (100th Photo Archives)
1_11_2.jpg (29506 bytes) Identified only as Griffith, left, and "Crusher" Smith. Thought to be from Group S-2. (100th Photo Archives)
1_12_2.jpg (49126 bytes) Colonel John Bennett - Air Exec in flight gear. (100th Photo Archives)  Detailed Information
1_13_1.jpg (29996 bytes) John Bennett - Air Exec of the 100th. (100th Photo Archives)  Detailed Information
1_13_2.jpg (26917 bytes) General Spaatz, left, awarding the 100th's Sumner Reeder the DFC. (100th Photo Archives)
1_13_3.jpg (34268 bytes) Admiral North and John Bennett on the tower catwalk at Thorpe Abbotts. (100th Photo Archives )  Detailed Information
1_13_4.jpg (24333 bytes) Roland McKnight, left, and John "Jack" Kidd at briefing. Kidd was the 100th's popular Group Operations Officer and was the Group Combat leader on the famous 17 Aug 43 Regensberg Shuttle mission. (Gen. Kidd collection)
1_14_1.jpg (18813 bytes) From left: R. E. Flesher and John Bennett. (100th Photo Archives)
1_16_2.jpg (27206 bytes) From left: Horace Varian, Thomas Jeffrey, Group Commanding Officer, and William Utely. Photograph taken in May 1944. (100th Photo Archives)
1_17_1.jpg (24358 bytes) Colonel Thomas Jeffrey upon assuming command of the 100th in May, 1944. (Gen Jeffrey collection)
1_18_1.jpg (23443 bytes) From left: "Rosie" (Rosenthal), Frederick Sutterlin, and Harry Crosby. (100th Photo Archives)
1_20_1.jpg (24586 bytes) From left; Vanamen and Terhune from the Chemical Section. (100th Photo Archives)
1_20_2.jpg (21495 bytes) From left: Butch Revengo, Jack Kidd and Rosie. This is the day Kidd left the 100th. (Gen Kidd collection)
1_21_2.jpg (27941 bytes) Jack Kidd leaving the 100th - From left: Sammy Barr, Rosie, Thomas Jeffrey, Kidd, and Sumner Reeder. (Gen Kidd collection)
1_23_1.jpg (30444 bytes) Robert E. Flesher - Shown here as the Commanding Officer of the 418th. (100th Photo Archives)
Airmetal.jpg (22984 bytes) Col. Harding, commander, 100th Bomb Group with the initial air metal recipients.
Bennett.jpg (45371 bytes) John M. Bennett Jr. and Neil  B. Harding
Bennett2.jpg (30937 bytes) John M. Bennett Jr. and Ollen "Ollie" Turner
Harding.jpg (58451 bytes) Col. Neil B. Harding - 100th Bomb Group combat commander
Kidd2.jpg (34562 bytes) John B. "Jack" Kidd - 100th operations officer