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1_06_1.jpg (24313 bytes) Major John "Bucky" Egan, Photograph probably was made for Egan's private collection.   (100th Photo Archives)
Capt "Bucky" Elton 3-25-43,  Operations Officer, 418th BS. 
Picture taken at North Platte, NE on 25 Mar 43
(Info from back of picture -- Dave Treanor Collection)  
(100th Photo Archives)
1_06_2.jpg (42125 bytes) USAAF press release photograph of John C. Egan. This type of photograph was used for distribution to home town newspapers. Almost all photographs of this type were taken in the States.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_07_1.jpg (37469 bytes) John C. Egan shown with the crashed MUGGS, Photo from Eagan's private collection. Not an official USAAF photograph.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_07_2.jpg (22106 bytes) John C. Egan on the flight line. Photograph is thought to have been taken at Walla Walla, Washington   (100th Photo Archives)
1_07_3.jpg (37736 bytes) John Egan in the damaged  MUGGS (230184)   (100th Photo Archives)
1_07_4.jpg (42317 bytes) Photograph from John C. Egan's personal collection. Not an official USAAF photograph.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_08_1.jpg (43159 bytes) Visiting brass, Generals Spaatz, second from left and Doolitte, extreme right with their aides at Thorpe Abbotts.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_08_2.jpg (35695 bytes)

John C. Egan, the 418th Squadron Commander photographed at Thorpe Abbotts shortly before becoming a POW 10 Oct 1943. This is one of the latest photographs of "Bucky" Egan in the 100th Archives.  Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)

1_09_1.jpg (58793 bytes) Frank D. Murphy, Original 100th Navigator. Photograph taken at Wendover Field, Utah December 1942.  Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)
1_09_2.jpg (22340 bytes) Officers from Crew #31 at Wendover Field, Utah in December 1942. From left C. Maertz, Charlie B. Cruikshank (Crankshaft to the 100th), Anthony H. Gaspar, and Frank D. Murphy.   Detailed Information     (100th Photo Archives)
1_10_1.jpg (36288 bytes) Regensberg 17 Aug 43 Photograph taken from Astrodome of B-17F 230066. These 100th aircraft are over Italy after having bombed their target. The aircraft in this photo are not positively identified.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_10_2.jpg (13586 bytes) Regensberg 17 Aug 43, 349th aircraft of the 100th in light flak. The lead aircraft in the center, B-17F 230335 flown by Owen "Cowboy Roane" ,the next aircraft 230611 was flown by Henry M. Henington, plane in lower right is not positively identified.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_12_1.jpg (17493 bytes) Regensberg 17 Aug 43 - Austrian Alps.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_12_2.jpg (33301 bytes) Frank D. Murphy and John C. Egan photographed at the Mamounia Hotel, Marrakesh, Morocco 20 Aug 1943.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_13_1.jpg (26378 bytes) The Charles B. Cruikshank crew in Telergua, Algeria, 17 Aug 1943. Crew #31 just after landing. L-R A. August H. Gaspar, Charles A. Clark, James M.  Johnson, Unk, Frank D. Murphy, Donald B. Garrison, Leonard R. Weeks, Orlando E.  Vincenti. The pilot Charles B. Cruikshank is kneeling. Charles Clark and Orlando Vincenti were to be killed almost two month later at Munster (10 Oct 1943)   Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)
1_13_2.jpg (57586 bytes) Major John "Bucky" Egan, photograph was on the front page of Stars and Stripes August24, 1943, one week after the Regensberg mission.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_15_1.jpg (78738 bytes) Major John C. Egan, left, and Anthony "Augie" Gospar in Marrakesh, Morrocco, August 20, 1943   (100th Photo Archives)
1_15_2.jpg (50361 bytes) Charles "Crankshaft" Cruikshank, left, and Glenn Graham in Marrakesh, Morrocco, August 20, 1943   Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)
1_16_1.jpg (40589 bytes) August 20, 1943 in Marrakesh, Morrocco. Augie Gaspar, back to camera, Glenn Graham and John Egan discuss a fare with a Marrakesh hack driver.   Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)
1_16_2.jpg (42212 bytes) Officers of Crew #31 at Mamounia Hotel, Marrakesh, Morrocco. Standing left to right; Augie Gaspar, Charlie Cruikshank, Frank Murphy and Glenn Graham, the co-pilot kneeling.   Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)
1_17_1.jpg (51394 bytes) Augie Gaspar, Bombardier from Crew #31 dealing with street vendors in Marrakesh, Morrocco   Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)
1_18_1.jpg (24509 bytes) Lead Squadron Regensberg 17 Aug 1943. The damaged B-17 in the center was flown by Robert Wolff. In September 1943 the Germans were to fish Bob and his crew out of the English Channel. Wolff's water landing was one of the most successful of the war. There were no injuries, either in the landing or egress.  Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)
1_19_1.jpg (11557 bytes) Bob Wolff's damaged B-17 over Italy 17 Aug 1943.  Detailed information   (100th Photo Archives)
1_20_2.jpg (40117 bytes) Regensberg damage to the 418th's "WOLF PACK."   (100th Photo Archives)
1_21_1.jpg (28370 bytes) "STYMIE"  23237 LD-R, 418th in North Africa - 17 Aug 1943   (100th Photo Archives)
1_21_2.jpg (69524 bytes) "MESSIE BESSIE"  230152 LD-X, 418th in North Africa - 17 Aug 1943   (100th Photo Archives)
1_21_3.jpg (23921 bytes) "STYMIE"  23237 LD-R, 418th in North Africa - 17 Aug 1943   (100th Photo Archives)
1_21_4.jpg (16043 bytes) 418th Area Hardstand at Thorpe Abbotts   (100th Photo Archives)
1_22_1.jpg (37461 bytes) 418th 297090 LD-D - Savaged   (100th Photo Archives)
1_22_2.jpg (35673 bytes) From left; James M. Johnson, Donald B. Garrison, Charles B. Cruikshank, Frank D. Murphy, and Glenn E.  Graham   Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)
8_02_1.jpg (26777 bytes) The  John A. Evans crew of "RETURN TICKET" on June 23, 1944 - Kirovograd, Russia. (l to r) Lynne H. Lythgoe (WG), John A. "Jack" Graziano (BOM), Peter Churitch (ROG), Edward J.  DeLuccie (TG), John A. Evans (P).   Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)
8_03_1.jpg (32780 bytes) June 22, 1944 - Mirgorod, Russia (l to r) Bill Cherry (BOM - Don Rice crew "OUR BABE") , Sniper, Jack Graziano (BOM - John Evans crew "RETURN TICKET"), Sniper, John A. Evans (P - "RETURN TICKET")   (100th Photo Archives)
8_04_1.jpg (28053 bytes) "CAUGHT IN THE DRAFT" - Picture taken at Dalhart, Texas prior to October 1943.
(Kneeling l to r): William Green (P), Jack Jensen (CP), Jack Hamilton (BOM), John Joyce (NAV).
(Standing l to r): Roman Beran (TTE), Richard Anderegg (BTG), Robert Valentik (ROG), Sanford Tisdale (RWG), Unknown, Leroy Leist (TG).  Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)