351st Bomb Squadron - Page 13
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4_33_3.jpg (18341 bytes) Damage to the vertical stabilizer of  "NELSON KING"  - 351st.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_33_4.jpg (42982 bytes) The 351st's "OUR GAL SAL"  with her Ground Crew.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_34_1.jpg (18480 bytes) 351st aircraft on hardstand #13, the pilot is not identified.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_35_1.jpg (31976 bytes) "SKIPPER II"  and her Ground Crew. The Crew Chief, Dewey Christopher is on the ladder.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_39_1.jpg (10721 bytes) 2102598 EP-F - "SUPER RABBIT"  crash landing July 28, 1944.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_41_1.jpg (13314 bytes) 23271 EP-L "NINE LITTLE YANKS AND a JERK"  - early "H" model - note the open waist window. The later variants had enclosed waist windows to aid in preventing frostbite.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_42_3.jpg (9145 bytes) 238011 EP-P "KINDA ROUGH", 351st   (100th Photo Archives)
4_44_1.jpg (22765 bytes) Members of the 351st Engineering Section at Thorpe Abbotts.   (100th Photo Archives)    
4_44_2.jpg (19030 bytes) Trolley make by the 351st Engineering Section - note the B-17 wheels and tires.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_45_1.jpg (21855 bytes) Milt Heff, 351st Transportation Sections with "SQUAKIN' HAWK".   (100th Photo Archives)
4_45_2.jpg (21254 bytes) Base Defense personnel.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_46_1.jpg (27291 bytes) The 351st First Sgt. F. T. Bauman, foreground; Arthur Wayne Flowers in back with cup and members of the Orderly Room staff at the 100th's 200 mission party.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_47_1.jpg (27267 bytes) "PICCADILLY LILLY II"  of the taxiway at Thorpe Abbotts June 21, 1944. (100th Photo Archives)
4_47_3.jpg (22559 bytes) Crash site of 351st aircraft EP-D   (100th Photo Archives)
4_48_2.jpg (23371 bytes) Robert E. Spangler - 351st's popular Line Chief.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_50_1.jpg (24050 bytes) Harry F. Cruver, the 351st legendary Commanding Officer at 351st Headquarters.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_51_1.jpg (24568 bytes) 338523 EP-F, " GLORY BOUND" lost on the 4 Jan 1945 on  Hamburg mission.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_52_2.jpg (33428 bytes) Unidentified 351st Crew.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_53_1.jpg (35560 bytes) Unidentified 351st Crew.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_53_2.jpg (22150 bytes) Unidentified 351st Crew.   (100th Photo Archives)
4_54_1.jpg (25485 bytes) Original 100th Sam R. Turner Crew photographed in the states before assignment to the ETO. This crew ditched in Lake Constance September 6, 1943. They were all interned with the exception of Joseph F. Maloney who was KIA. The crew were on their 16 mission...pw   Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives) 
4_54_2.jpg (46560 bytes) 230057 EP-D being pulled out of Lake Constance by the Swiss after the Sep 6, 1943 ditching. Sam R. Turner, Pilot.    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)

338515 EZ GOIN 337815 HUMPTY DUMPTY.jpg (20279 bytes)

"HUMPTY DUMPTY"  (337815) and "EZ GOIN' " (338515)   (100th Photo Archives)
338523 GLORY BOUND CRASH FIRE.jpg (19769 bytes) "GLORY BOUND"  (338523)   (100th Photo Archives)
9_18_1.jpg (54308 bytes) "FEVER BEVER"  A-2 jacket   (100th Photo Archives)
9_18_2.jpg (50782 bytes) "MASON DIXON"  A-2 jacket   (100th Photo Archives)
7_41_1.jpg (30566 bytes) Bill Wright, RWG on Bob Shoens crew   Detailed Information     (100th Photo Archives) 
7_41_2.jpg (33130 bytes) Don Blair, TG on Bob Shoens crew    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
7_41_3.jpg (32793 bytes) Enlisted crew on Bob Shoens crew,  L. to R. Bill Eresman, Ed Stone, Don Blair, Bill Wright, Virgil Warders, Don Hammond    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives) 
7_41_4.jpg (45992 bytes) Nels Davidson, Ground Crew, Bob Shoens crew    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
7_42_1.jpg (44540 bytes) Arnold Schluter, Ground Crew on Bob Shoens crew   Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives) 
7_42_2.jpg (33050 bytes) Frank Stevens painter of the "OUR GAL SAL"  noseart and mission bombs    Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)
7_42_3.jpg (37488 bytes) Nels Davidson, Harold Wildrick, and Arnold Schluter, Ground Crew for Bob Shoens crew    Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)
7_42_4.jpg (25199 bytes) Harold Wildrick, Crew Chief on the  Bob Shoens crew    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
7_43_1.jpg (16415 bytes) "Fever Beaver" around the end of hostilities   (100th Photo Archives)