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1_01_1.jpg (93669 bytes)Gale "Bucky" Cleven - Original 100th. Cleven was the first Commanding Officer of the 350th. Gale was shot down on the 8 Oct 1943 mission to Bremen.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_01_2.jpg (39873 bytes)Press release photo of Gale W. Cleven. (100th Photo Archives)
Bucky Elton, 350th BS CO   (100th Photo Archives)
1_03_2.jpg (16911 bytes)The 100th in moderate flak. Thought to be the 8th Oct 43 Bremen mission. (100th Photo Archives)
1_05_1.jpg (13248 bytes)100th in light flak (100th Photo Archives)
1_05_2.jpg (11398 bytes)100th aircraft in the center shown with a possible fuel leak. (100th Photo Archives)
1_05_3.jpg (15488 bytes)On the bomb run. This is an un-identified 350th aircraft.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_05_4.jpg (72280 bytes)Formation Time. A good view of two elements. (100th Photo Archives)
1_08_2.jpg (26222 bytes)The 350th's Gale W. "Bucky" Cleven. (100th Photo Archives)
John H. Luckadoo, 350th Operations Officer, and William DeSanders at the completion of both their tours. The date is 14 Feb 1944.   (John H. Luckadoo Collection)
1_08_4.jpg (90861 bytes)Some original 350th Squadron Officers: From left; Unk, Donald Blazer, Mark Carnell, Frank Seibert, Tim MacMahon, Bucky Cleven, Richard ??, Horace Varian, and Robert Tinken. This photo was made in 1945 after Cleven escaped and returned to Thorpe Abbotts. He was, in keeping with normal procedures, was rotated to the States.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_09_3.jpg (46896 bytes)Major William Veal, the 349th Squadron Commander left, and Gale W. Cleven, 350th Squadron Commander. The others in the photograph are not identified. (100th Photo Archives)
1_09_4.jpg (95175 bytes)Gale W. Cleven, 350th CO with his Orderly Room Personnel. This photo was taken in 1945 upon Cleven's return to Thorpe Abbotts. The personnel with Bucky are from left Nelson, Zinkind, Williams, and Spence   (100th Photo Archives)
1_09_5.jpg (174523 bytes)Gale W. Cleven in the 350th area at Thorpe Abbotts.   (100th Photo Archives)
Gale W. Cleven  and Richard A. Carey   (100th Photo Archives)
1_11_2.jpg (105598 bytes)Gale W. Cleven addresses 350th personnel upon his return to Thorpe Abbotts in 1945. The popular 350th CO had returned from captivity in April 1945 to the elation of his squadron mates.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_12_1.jpg (108960 bytes)350th Officers; From left: J. E. Bowers, Horace Varian, Gale W. Cleven, Albert Paul, Clouter (100th Photo Archives)
1_12_2.jpg (98957 bytes)Major John C. Egan, 418th Squadron Commander, left and Gale W. Cleven, 350th Squadron Commander. They were two of the 100th's three Buckies. The third was Albert Elton, the only one of the three to complete his tour. Cleven was shot down at Bremen, Oct 8, 43 and Egan was to follow him into captivity 48 hours later, 10 Oct 43 at Munster.  (100th Photo Archives) 
1_14_2.jpg (105415 bytes)Jerome Ferroggiaro, WG on Bucky Cleven's crew. Ferroggiaro fought in the Phillipines, the Spanish Civil War. The 100th lost Ferroggiaro in the summer of 1998. He was the 100th's "Soldier of Fortune."   (100th Photo Archives)
1_15_2.jpg (97729 bytes)Line Maintenance   (100th Photo Archives)
1_16_1.jpg (137034 bytes)Discharge Certificate of Jerome E. Ferroggiaro.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_18_2.jpg (170382 bytes)Jerome Ferroggiaro - Official USAAF photo   (100th Photo Archives)
1_18_3.jpg (129333 bytes)From Left: Capt Deibert, Station Mess Officer, D. K. "Handle Bar Hank" Lyster and R. A, Tienken, 350th Adjutant. This photograph was taken in 1945 at Thorpe Abbotts.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_18_4.jpg (152933 bytes) "FLYING JENNY"  and her Crew Chief M/Sgt Tisdale of the 350th    (100th Photo Archives)
1_18_7.jpg (132675 bytes) "JIMBO"  ground crew   (100th Photo Archives)
1_19_1.jpg (78842 bytes)The 100th "HEAVEN SENT"   (100th Photo Archives)
1_19_2.jpg (192005 bytes)350th Squadron Commander - Gale W. Cleven   (100th Photo Archives)
1_19_3.jpg (163358 bytes)David K. "Handle Bar Hank" Lyster, the 350th CO when photographed.  (100th Photo Archives)
1_20_1.jpg (88582 bytes)The destruction of 230358 LN-X - "PHARTZAC". Flown by Frank Meadows Oct 8, 1943 over Bremen.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_20_2.jpg (105274 bytes) "CAHEPIT"  231074 - LN-Q of the 350th.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_21_1.jpg (169390 bytes)The 350th's Thomas Cryan. KIA March 18th, 44 as the result of a mid-air collision.  (100th Photo Archives)
8_27_2.jpg (18480 bytes)This crew is unknown and is not from the 100th.   (100th Photo Archives)
England 1944.jpg (23816 bytes)Part of the Leslie Kassebaum crew, standing from left to right, George "Ziggy" Zigenis - BTG, Jim "Rocky" Rockeford - TTG, Bill Russell - RWG, Charles Price - TG, in front, Howard "Howie" Parris - LWG, Charles "Tex" Schwark -ROG   (100th Photo Archives)
G Zigenis.jpg (24943 bytes)S/Sgt. George G. Zigenis, BTG on the Leslie E. Kassebaum crew.   (100th Photo Archives)