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1_01_1.jpg (50772 bytes)Cowboy Roane flight and ground crew: Standing from left, Curtis Campbell, Cowboy, Omar "The Tent Maker" Gonzales, A.C. "Bud" Stipe, A. Hauge, James Jarvie; Kneeling center row from left: Robert A. Stuart, Clarence Tomb, Patrick J. Healy and Roger O. Stroble. Front row; Unk, Unk, Ray C. Morton (Crew Chief on all the Roane aircraft), Unk and Unk     Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
1_01_2.jpg (42399 bytes)Owen D. "Cowboy" Roane entering Flight Training in 1941    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
1_02_1.jpg (33704 bytes)Moe, shown here with the Roane Crew, back at Thorpe Abbotts after the Regensburg Shuttle of 17 Aug 43   Detailed Information     (100th Photo Archives)
1_02_2.jpg (29134 bytes) "LADEN MAIDEN" in which the Roane Crew flew their first 16 missions.    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
1_03_1.jpg (49497 bytes)Cowboy Roane at the completion of his tour, 26 Nov 43, the flak damage to the wing occurred over Paris on the crew's final mission.    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
1_03_2.jpg (54381 bytes)From left: Robert K. Peel, "Smithy" Smith, Cowboy Roane, Joseph "Bubbles" Payne at that time the 100th's Lead Navigator, and Rich Tangradi.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_04_1.jpg (35654 bytes)From left: Patrick Healy, Curtis Campbell, Bud Stipe and James Jarvie - all from the Cowboy Roane Crew   (100th Photo Archives)
1_07_1.jpg (73488 bytes)From Left: Joseph H. "Bubbles" Payne, Owen D. "Cowboy" Roane, and Smithy Smith, photograph taken 26 Nov 43   (100th Photo Archives)
1_07_2.jpg (40198 bytes)Owen D. "Cowboy" Roane photographed in early October 1943    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
1_08_2.jpg (28946 bytes)Cowboy Roane, wearing the rank of Captain at the end of his combat tour. He is still at Thorpe Abbotts and had been appointed Office in Charge of the Link Training Section.    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
1_08_3.jpg (26416 bytes)The venerable "LADEN MAIDEN" she was a Vega (Made by Lockheed) and was original equipped with engines manufactured by Studebaker.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_08_4.jpg (43366 bytes)Cowboy Roane in Advanced Flight School at Stanford, Texas 1942    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
1_09_1.jpg (23632 bytes)From left: Calloway C. Gammill, Ralph S. Krebbs, "Cowboy" Roane, and Lyman A. James in the Link Trainer area at Thorpe Abbotts   (100th Photo Archives)
1_09_3.jpg (29889 bytes)B-17 Top Turret - this is probably a public relations shot for local media consumption   (100th Photo Archives)
1_09_4.jpg (72774 bytes)The French actor Adolphe Minjou with "Moe" - 2 Sep 43   (100th Photo Archives)
1_10_1.jpg (23128 bytes)Award ceremony for the 100th - Cutis LeMay, then a Colonel, presenting DFCs. From Left; B.A. Demarco, Jack Kidd, LeMay, John Brady, (mustache), Bill Veal, the 349th CO, facing LeMay, Jack Justice, Tom Murphy, and Henry Henington. The awards are for Regensburg, Cowboy Roane was also awarded the decoration but was in the hospital with Jaundice and is not pictures here.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_12_1.jpg (37598 bytes)(100th Photo Archives)
1_13_1.jpg (47362 bytes)The enclosed photo is of the Neil Jesperson crew that went down on either their 18th or 19th mission, depending on who you talk to. We were in the 349th Squadron and were shot down by fighters on one the several disastrous missions that our group had during the war. Our particular day of bad luck was on May 24th, 1944. This was a Berlin mission and I believe this was the day of no return for nine 100th planes.

The following will identify those in the photo. From left to right, standing in the rear is: Frank Gronkowsky, Radio Operator; George Kostoulakos, Engineer; Robert Atkins, CoPilot; Neil Jesperson, Pilot; Burton Seely, Navigator. From left to right in front: Frank Fisher, Ball Turret Gunner; John Durrenberger, Tail Gunner; John Legg, Armorer and Waist Gunner; Thomas Kiriako, Waist Gunner. Inset is the Bombardier, Joseph Savino. Joe probably took the original picture and later someone added what looks like a school photo of Joe. Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)

1_13_2.jpg (31297 bytes)Robert G. Roeder aircraft down near Berlin on 24 May 44. Four (4) of the crew including Roeder were KIA. German nationals are shown examining the wreckage.    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
1_14_1.jpg (22860 bytes)Formation Time: By the spread in the formation it is likely they are nearing the English on the route out from the target.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_15_1.jpg (53215 bytes)The price of freedom is never cheap - Direct Flak hit
(This is NOT a 100th Bomb Group aircraft)
1_15_2.jpg (24051 bytes)The high cost of liberty, paid for by our greatest generation - WWII.   (100th Photo Archives)
1_16_1.jpg (24657 bytes)Contrails   (100th Photo Archives)
1_17_1.jpg (27407 bytes)Flak Damage to the "SQUAWKIN' HAWK"    (100th Photo Archives)
1_17_2.jpg (43267 bytes) Charles B. Winkelman Crew: Standing from left: Thomas E. Combs - TTE, Jean E. Ray - ROG, Thomas Cuccaro - BTG,  Michael F.  Darcy - WG, and Ennis M. Bankhead - TG.  Kneeling: Charles B. Winkelman - Pilot, Ralph D. Smith - CP, William H. Booth - NAV and Howard M. Harris - BOM, This crew was shot down 3 Sep 43 near Paris, France. Seven of this crew evaded capture and returned to Military Control, two were POWs and the Tail Gunner Ennis Bankhead was KIA. This aircraft was involved in the massive collision of 100th aircraft at Paris on 3 Sep 43.   Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
1_17_3.jpg (20592 bytes)Aircraft down - freedom is expensive   (100th Photo Archives)
1_18_1.jpg (29450 bytes)From left: Jack L. Clark - BOM, Paul J. Schmalenbach - Pilot, Eugene M. Beck - TTE, George W. Cox - CP and John F. "Jack" Brown - NAV     Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
1_20_1.jpg (69514 bytes)Instrument Flight School Graduation Certificate of George W. Cox of the Paul J. Schmalenbach crew.   Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
1_26_1.jpg (36548 bytes) "TORCHY 2" and part of the Sammy Barr Crew in North Africa after Regensburg Shuttle Mission. From left: Howard D. Bassett, William Ohl, James R. Brown, Max Russ, Joseph P. Armanini, William Veal (Commanding Officer of the 349th), Sammy L. Barr and James T. Hiten.    Detailed Information    (100th Photo Archives)
8_15_2.jpg (23414 bytes) "OH NAUSEA"   (100th Photo Archives)
8_15_3.jpg (20033 bytes) "CAP'N CROW"   (100th Photo Archives)
8_17_1.jpg (22214 bytes) "BACHELOR'S HEAVEN" crashed Nov. 1944 at Felixstone   (100th Photo Archives)
8_20_1.jpg (18750 bytes) Larry Townsend crew. John Miller 2nd from left. Detailed Information   (100th Photo Archives)