All databases are updated quarterly and may not contain the most current information.

Thanks to Jack O'Leary and Cindy Goodman for maintaining TAPS, Casualty Reports and MACR databases.

Thanks to Bill Thompson, Jim Brown, Paul West, and Michael Faley for compiling the KIA and POW databases.

The compilation  of the Aircraft database revises data originally published in Heavy Bombers of the Mighty Eighth (1995) by Paul Andrews and includes new information provided by Michael Faley and Ray Bowden from his book, Plane Names & Bloody Noses.

About the Database Tables:
Most of the database queries on this website allow one input field, and this field is normally a person's last name.  The initial display for the larger tables is a blank page, and you will be prompted to enter a search term. You only have to enter the first few characters of the name.  For example, if you enter "A" into a last name field, the query will return all names beginning with the letter, "A". If you enter the letters, "Arm", the query will return the names Armanini, Armstrong, and all other names beginning with the letters, "Arm". Note that the PERSONNEL query will return only the first 256 names that match the search term.

Two tables (Wall Missing and Commanders) are display only and do not allow searches.  The initial display for these two tables is all records.

The time required to display the results of your query depends on the number of characters you enter into the search field. If you enter only "B", for example, the query will return quite a few records, and it will take longer to display these results than it would if you enter more characters into the search field.  In other words, you broaden the search with fewer characters and narrow the search with more characters.

The wildcard character is "%". If you enter only "%" into a search field, the query will return all records in the database.

One of the most efficient ways to search is to "start broad and finish narrow."  In name search fields, start by entering just the first letter of the name, and the results page will show all names beginning with that letter. If the list is too long, enter the first two letters. Each time you add a letter, the results list will get shorter because you are "narrowing" your search. All queries with name fields require only the beginning letters of the last name.

Two queries (Aircraft and Missions) allow you to input any portion of the aircraft name/target.  For example, if you wanted to produce a list of all missions with sub pens as a target, you could enter "sub" into the search field.  The results page would then display all missions whose target name contained the letters, "sub." Again, an efficient way to search is "start broad and finish narrow."

None of the queries on this website are case sensitive.  You can use upper case letters, lower case letters, or any combination of upper and lower case.