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Please use the following email link to contact the 100th BG:
(Be sure you enter a descriptive SUBJECT in your email note.)

If the above link doesn't work for you, copy and paste the following address into the TO: field of your email program:  . Again, be sure you enter a descriptive SUBJECT in your email note.
General feedback
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 Ask questions
 Report the death of a 100th BG veteran (Include full name, date of death and family contact information)
Please post this information in the TAPS Forum also.
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 Report a website error
 Submit information, photos, etc.
 Contact Splasher Six
Tell us what we are doing right
Tell us what we are doing wrong
Use this contact method (client-based or web-based email) for all contact with the 100th BG.  Be very specific in your message.  Tell us everything we could possibly need to know to address the issue.

Please do not combine questions, requests, reports, and other issues on a single submission.  Use a separate email message for each individual question, report, etc.

We delete collected email addresses from our files as soon as the issue that generated the feedback has been resolved. We do not share collected email addresses with anyone, and you will not receive unsolicited email from us.

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